Overs ( poker )


1) Over blind (Put in a blind when one is already present. In a traveling blind game, this could mean someone putting in an optional blind in addition to the mandatory blinds. In a game without mandatory blinds, this would be blinding a pot (putting in a blind) after someone else has killed it. (To put in an over blind is sometimes called to kill.) Sometimes called go the overs.); usually preceded by the. "Who's got the overs?" means "Who put in the over blind?" (and usually implies that the person who is supposed to put it in didn't, as a remark directed to the dealer of the current hand in a round from home).
2) In a two-pair hand, the higher pair; often in the situation in which two players both have the same lower pair. For example, Emilie has 9s over 8s and Chloe has 10s over 8s. Emilie says, "Your overs got me."

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